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The program can handle the default Print Screen button, and respond by saving the current screen in a user defined


The following keystrokes are supported:

  PrintScreen - saves a copy of the entire screen

  Ctrl+Alt+PrintScreen - saves a copy of the active window

Adding tags

To add a new tag to a screenshot, press F2 or press the "edit tags" button, enter your tag(s) and press enter.

To quickly add a tag that has already been entered in other screenshots, you can select it from the dropdown as shown here:

Adding tags to screenshots

Muptiple tags

By pressing "edit tags", you can see the currently assigned tags to a screenshot.

When you enter a new tag, it gets appended to the "assigned tags" listbox.

To delete a tag, select the tag from the listbox, and press the Delete button on your keyboard.

Multiple tags are supported

Thumbnails view

To view your screenshots as thumbnails, make sure the "view thumbnails" checkbox
at the bottom of the screen, is checked.

Screenshots in thumbnails view

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