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Program shortcuts

Search catalog (programs, shortcuts, movies, mp3)

The main screen of KeyboardExt, displays a list of shortcuts that are retrieved from:

a) User + All Users Start menu

b) Windows Launch Toolbar
c) Custom locations and folders (e.g. c:\mp3s)

Searching for "games"

Search cababilities

The filter can accept multiple keywords, quotes keywords and also supports exclusions.


  a) games
       - will display all items containing the word game, in their name or their path

  b) microsoft office

       - will display items containing the words microsoft and office
  c) .mp3

       - will list all mp3 files

  d) .mp3 -artist_name

       - will list all mp3s except ones that contain the term artist_name

Define custom paths

The program allows you to define your own folders that you need to be searchable, for example folders that

contains your mp3s, photos or movies

To define these locations select "Options" > "Catalog paths"

In the screen that will open,

1. First type or select the folder to be monitored

    Leave checked the "include sub folders" checkbox, if you want all items in sub folders to be searchable.

2. Optionally type an include pattern

       e.g. ".mp3" to only index mp3 files

3. Optionally type an exlcude pattern

       e.g. "artist_name", will exclude all mp3s (from step 2) not ones that contain the term "artist_name"

Defining a custom searchable path

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