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. Quickly locate and launch programs
. Enhanced Start/Run replacement dialog
. Create global or application-specific keyboard hotkeys
. Notifications / Alerts
. Task Scheduler


▪ Quickly locate and launch programs, documents, mp3s and other files
   from system folders (e.g. start menu, quick launch folder), or other
   user defined locations.
▪ Enhanced Start/Run replacement dialog that includes searchable history
▪ Create global or application-specific keyboard hotkeys
▪ Integration with Windows Explorer, to compare directories/files, copy file names,
   launch command prompt, backup folders etc
▪ Captures screenshots in PNG format
▪ Notification alerts (one-off / recurrent alerts)
▪ Task scheduler (one-off / recurrent tasks)
Version:  build 142

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License:  Freeware
Date:  20 Feb 2013
Size  1.15 MB
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Windows 10 Full support for Windows 10™
This program fully supports the Windows 10 operating system.
▪ Define your own global keyboard hotkeys (shortcuts) for launching applications
  and/or focusing open applications to prevent opening multiple instances
  of a program
▪ Define your own application-specific hotkeys that can map into more complex shortcuts
   in any application.
▪ Global Keyboard hotkeys that allow you to easily search in google, wikipedia,
   newsgroups from any program
▪ Define notifications alerts by time offset or absolute time
Scheduled tasks
▪ Run specific tasks on a specified time or at recurrent intervals
Windows Explorer Integration
- Create Folder (F7)
- One level up (new window) (Ctrl+Backspace)
- Command Line here  (F8)
- Sort by name,size,type,modified (Shift+1,2,3,4)
- Treemap tool (Ctrl+T)
- ScanFs (Ctrl+S)
- Backup folder (Ctrl+[)
- Add to RCS (Ctrl+])
- Preview in ASCII mode (Ctrl+P)
- Open in notepad (or custom editor) (Ctrl+N)
- Mark file or folder #1 (Ctrl+1)
- Execute file or folder #1 + #2 (Ctrl+2)
- Copy all selected file paths (Ctrl+Shift+C)
- Open mirror/backup folder (Ctrl+Shift+B)
- Save icons positions to file (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S)
- Restore icons positions from file (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R)
- Paste clipboard to file (Ctrl+Shift+V)
- Format clipboard as plain text (Ctrl+Shift+T)
- Format clipboard as quoted text (Ctrl+Shift+Q)


Manage screenshots
   Change Log
- build 140: 20 Feb 2013 update: installer updates - build 135: 04 Jun 2012 update: send keystrokes -> also allows specifying window class name bug fix: uninstaller issue - build 112: 12 Sep 2010 removed desktop.ini from index - build 101: 11 Apr 2010 alerts: run once Windows Explorer: Ctrl+O: create backup file Windows Explorer: Ctrl+Shift+[: backup to current folder Removed collecting IE7/8 urls Fixed access violation in Start/Run - build 092: 24 Dec 2008 Removed screenshots management Interface/Settings rearrangements - build 090: 17 Dec 2008 WinKey+R lauches enhanced start-run Support for Vista OS dialogs. e.g. ctrl+shift+c will copy filenames - build 079: 22 Sep 2008 Navigate to a registry key from the enhanced start run dialog - build 075: 29 Mar 2008 windows explorer: ctrl+shift+v pastes a picture from the clipboard into a file - build 068: 30 Nov 2007 unicode improvements - build 061: 26 Aug 2007 faster loading of icons using a separate thread - build 058: 23 Jul 2007 Windows Vista support minor bug fixes - build 053: 28 Feb 2007 initial release

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  Topics / How to's

   ▪ Introduction

   ▪ Program shortcuts

   ▪ Alerts

   ▪ Hotkeys

   ▪ Screenshots

   ▪ Windows Explorer

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