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   WinXP-like Explorer for Windows 7
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▪ WinXP-like Explorer for Windows 7
▪ 64-bit ready
Version:  build 241

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15 EUR / 20 USD
Date:  16 Feb 2021
Size  797 KB
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Windows 10 Full support for Windows 10™
This program fully supports the Windows 10 operating system.
   Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl+N: Opens file in text editor (see settings)
Ctrl+U: Open folder using your Picture Viewer (see settings)
Ctrl+T: FilePro / TreeSize
F3: ScanFs
F7: New Folder
F8: Command prompt here
Shift+Right Click: Shell Properties
Ctrl+Tab: switch between address bar + list view
Ctrl+Shift+F: Focus filter box
Shift+1: Sort by Name
Shift+2: Sort by Size
Shift+3: Sort by Date Created
Shift+4: Sort by Date Modified
Ctrl+Up: One Level Up
Ctrl+Left, Ctrl+Right: Navigate back/forward back/forward
Ctrl+M: My Computer
Ctrl+D: Desktop
Ctrl+F: Hide/Show folders
Ctrl+Shift+C: Copy filenames
Ctrl+[: Backup folder
Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2: Hold file 1, Compare with file 2 (very useful between ExplorerEx instances)
Ctrl+Backspace: Open new instance, one level up
Ctrl+Shift+Backspace: Open new instance, same level
Typing in ListView: incremental search
Ctrl + < and Ctrl + > : next/previous result from incremental search

Top filter: supports incusions and excusions
e.g. artist1 -mp3 will list all files that contain the word artist1 but do not include mp3
   Change Log
- build 241: 16 Feb 2021 update: internal improvements - build 237: 27 Mar 2019 update: internal improvements - build 209: 02 Nov 2014 WPF version - build 100: 26 Jun 2014 improvement: optimizations - build 086: 28 Dec 2012 bug fixes - build 076: 11 Feb 2012 improvement: optimized for monitoring multiple files changes (file created/deleted/renamed/changed) - build 060: 31 Jul 2011 bug fix: file created/modified times - build 057: 23 Jun 2011 bug fix: 'folder edit box' issue - build 056: 13 Jun 2011 bug fix: folder updates from external processes did not update totals/stats bug fix: folder updates from external processes did not remember top item bug fix: folder updates from external processes did not remember focused item - build 054: 02 Jun 2011 improvement: icons load faster - build 048: 04 May 2011 bug fixes: empty listview in some cases - build 043: 03 Apr 2011 Initial Release (ExplorerEx) -

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