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   Disk and file manipulation
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   ▪ Disk snapshots

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Compare snapshots

Compare snapshots

One of the uses of FilePro snapshots is that you can compare those and review differences.

You can also compare a single snapshot against the current disk state.

You can periodically take complete snapshots of your drives, and perform comparisons in

order to see what files have been added, deleted, renamed, moved or updated.

For help on how to create and manage snapshots, and more details see the separate topic "Snapshots".

Left / Right snapshots terms

As mentioned earlier a snapshot can be compared against another snapshot, or against a current directory.

In this context we have the following terms:

- left snapshot is always the older snapshot.

- right snapshot is either the newer snapshot or a directory.

So the "left snapshot" box always accepts a snapshot whereas the "right snapshot" accepts a directory or snapshot.

Comparing a snapshot against another snapshot or the current disk state

In this section we show you how to compare a snapshot you created at some point in the past on a directory,

against the current directory.

To do this we specify the "right path" to be the directory path, where the "left path" will be the snapshot.

To easily select the snapshot from the disk click the "Select volumes" icon.

For more details on the "select volume" dialog see see the separate topic "Snapshots"

Once we have specified the inputs we are ready to start the comparison by pressing "start".

Comparison overview

The first report you get once you compare is the overview report.

Here you get side by side information about the "right snapshot or drive" and the "left snapshot".

This information includes:

- Date of both snapshot, including the difference between the two

- Age of both snapshots in a human friendly format.
- Number of entries in both snapshots
- Path
- Total size in bytes, including the difference between the two
- Total number of files

Differences in files

To view differences in files, click the "Files" tab below the "Overview" tab.

This file has been updated, and increased in size

This file has been renamed

Differences in folders

You can examine differences in directories in a similar way.

The c:\documents directory has been updated, and has its size increased.

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