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   Disk and file manipulation
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   ▪ Introduction

   ▪ Disk Treemaps

   ▪ Directory analysis

   ▪ Disk snapshots

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   ▪ Synchronize Directories


Disk Treemap

Disk Treemap


A disk treemap is a graphical representation of the size allocation of a directory or drive.

FilePro, goes beyond standard treemaps, by offering

1. zooming and scrolling capabilities

- zoom to file

- zoom to folder

- zoom in and out of the treemap

- scroll treemap

2. locate files in the treemap

3. perform file operation on files and directories

4. ability to save a complete treemap

Zooming / Scrolling

To move around a treemap you can:

1. use the mouse within the treemap to drag and the mouse wheel to zoom in/out

2. use the zoom/scroll tool as shown in the graph below.

FilePro Disk Treemap zoom/scroll tool

Directories / Files colors

FilePro uses a different color for each directory level.

Files are drawn using white color.

Sample treemap

Identifying large files

In the example below we scan a Vista system, in the C:\WINDOWS path

You quickly notice that there is a big file on the right side of the treemap.

FilePro treemap in C:\WINDOWS

The file is unusually big, so it is worth some further investigation. Let's zoom into the file, by right-clicking on it and selection "Zoom to file"

Right-clicking on a file or directory gives the options shown in this image

By zooming the file, we see that it is a forgotten memory dump file, that we can safely delete.

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