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. Organize videos from all of your drives
. Generate video frames
. Add searchable tags


▪ Organize your video files in a common library
▪ Generate video frames (videostrips, video thumbnails)
▪ Filter videos by keyword and/or date range
▪ Generate slideshows from video frames
▪ Take custom snapshots from videos
▪ Add searchable tags to snapshots
▪ Automatic loading and positioning of videos by clicking on snapshots
Tags: generate video frames, generate video thumbnails, generate videostrips, generate video strips, organize videos, organize media, catalog videos, catalog media, organize video collection
Version:  build 413

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15 EUR / 20 USD
Date:  13 Feb 2020
Size  6.25 MB
Download installer Download VideoManager_setup.exe
Download VideoManager_setup.zip  

Update 18 May 2018: Program no longer needs external codec installations

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Windows 10 Full support for Windows 10™
This program fully supports the Windows 10 operating system.

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   Change Log
- build 413: 13 Feb 2020 update: upgraded to FFmpeg 4.2.2 - build 412: 15 Oct 2019 update: updated expiration - build 410: 09 Aug 2019 update: auto monitor library paths for new videos update: auto process videos - build 407: 01 Aug 2019 bug fix: frames creation issue (from build 406) - build 406: 01 Aug 2019 note: as of build 405 internal frames are smaller for faster preview note: please manually regenerate frames for all previous videos improvement: new frames format - build 404: 30 Jul 2019 bug fix: video length issue - build 402: 27 Jul 2019 bug fix: take snapshot exception - build 401: 27 Jul 2019 improvement: generate frames updates - build 399: 09 Jul 2019 bug fix: "collection was modified" exception - build 396: 04 Jul 2019 improvement: arrange playlists - build 395: 26 Mar 2019 improvement: faster deletion of library files - build 392: 09 Mar 2019 improvement: internal updates - build 391: 06 Mar 2019 improvement: various optimizations - build 389: 04 Mar 2019 bug fix: video preview was not working for custom video extensions - build 387: 19 Feb 2019 new feature: "Get video info" option in main window context menu. - build 385: 25 Jan 2019 update: upgraded to FFmpeg 4.1 bug fix: external player location was selecting folders not .exe files - build 383: 22 May 2018 update: requires .net framework 4.6.2 bug fix: frame generation window does not steal focus - build 381: 20 May 2018 addition: setting to hide preview during frame generation improvement: "remove files" now shows progress window - build 378: 18 May 2018 improvement: does not need external codec installations update: removed Directshow support update: removed Vlc support - build 376: 10 May 2018 update: application now supports both 64bit and 32bit update: new database engine - build 370: 06 May 2018 improvement: better vlc detection update: UI updates on top bar - build 364: 18 Nov 2017 bug fix: frame generation window does not steal focus bug fix: frame generation volume issue (requires Vlc-lib-2.2.6) - build 360: 28 Feb 2016 update: supports vlc 64bit +32bit - build 355: 09 Jan 2016 update: edit video details - build 351: 03 Nov 2015 bug fix: user video extensions were ignored - build 347: 18 Oct 2015 bug fixes - build 340: 13 Oct 2015 VideoManager 2.0 WPF - build 149: 12 Oct 2014 --- - build 146: 19 Jan 2014 addition: PLAYLISTS! addition: COLLECTIONS! improvement: play selected videos as playlist improvement: more responsive user interface bug fix: frame-generation does not steal focus bug fix: frame-generation did not update video properties - build 140: 09 Jan 2014 improvement: non-blocking video frame generation addition: columns ordering and widths are now retained between sessions - build 137: 07 Jan 2014 update: frame generation settings are now used update: frame generation settings are now saved update: user+session frame generation settings - build 131: 04 Jan 2014 update: requires .net framework 4.0 improvement: supports video files greater than 2GB improvement: frame generation improvement: gui interface - build 123: 17 Oct 2013 bug fix: video frames paint issue (introduced in build 122) - build 119: 20 Feb 2013 update: installer updates - build 118: 12 Jan 2013 improvement: Videos Tab, load selected video frames when clicking on a video frame improvement: Renaming video, also renames 'Video Title' (unless it was user edited) bug fix: Locate in library also shows frames - build 116: 23 Dec 2012 improvement: supports cached/preresampled video frames - build 113: 03 Dec 2011 improvement: background library scan improvement: background loading of frames/videos - build 103: 05 Oct 2011 improvement: advanced tag editor - build 100: 03 Oct 2011 new feature: export library to html -> (see File > Export) new feature: option: delete from library and disk improvement: deleting file, keeps selection near deleted file - build 099: 28 Sep 2011 new feature: locate video in library (from videos and frames) - build 097: 25 Sep 2011 improvement: advanced Generate Frames window (right click > Generate Frames) with video status and other options improvement: retain selections after sorting improvement: retains selections when expanding/narrowing search bug fix: regenerating frames now deletes old frames bug fix: snapshot filtering for files having dashes "-" bug fix: problematic search with exclusions bug fix: random video stopped working after multiselect feature - build 094: 24 Sep 2011 improvement: faster searching improvement: right clicking in main list allows: -adding tags to multiple files -deleting multiple files -processing multiple files improvement: option to auto unlock all locked files before processing - build 088: 25 Mar 2011 *NEW FEATURE*: supports VLC media player (libVLC). Now you have the option to choose between DirectShow and VLC. improvement: friendly message about the DirectShow error message 'pins are not connected' - build 086: 22 Mar 2011 bug fix: removed error 'Unable to render video' in some cases - build 085: 13 Mar 2011 *NEW FEATURE*: thumbnails view for videos (new tab 'videos') - build 083: 06 Mar 2011 addition: from frame: locate video in explorer improvement: bigger frames in frames tab improvement: filters visible in all tabs update: search in tags checkbox bug fix: when regenerating frames, old frames were not deleted - build 075: 18 Aug 2010 Video files greater than 2,147,483,647 bytes are not supported and are skipped - build 072: 28 Apr 2010 Searching also searches in tags Added "Frames tab", which displays frames of filtered videos - build 071: 07 Apr 2010 Online Activation Ctrl+DoubleClick on a frame opens external player Fixed some daylight saving issues when checking for library files Fixed Tools/Regenerate form - build 060: 16 Oct 2009 Ctrl+Shift+R selects random file Detects files with same checksum and different date Detects files with same checksum, different size and regenerates checksums - build 057: 31 Jan 2009 Slideshow: Randomize videos - build 054: 03 Jun 2008 Detects new videos having the same filename with existing videos and offers to automatically rename them, in order for them to become unique - build 051: 13 Nov 2007 Addition: Allows videos to be removed from the database. Please note that if the video you are removing is still in one of the library paths, it will be added again during the next rescan, so you have to either move it outside of the library paths, or define it as an exclusion. Addition: Videos that no longer exist on the disk are marked with red color. Videos that reside on unmounted volumes are shown in gray color. Addition: Tools/Manage locked files, displays a list of files that could not be opened or could not be processed. You have the option to re-test those files. Bug fix: User-defined video extensions were not saved - build 047: 25 Oct 2007 released

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