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The program allows you to enter tasks, under any user-defined category.

You can also edit, delete, mark tasks as "done" and also filter based on status or keywords

Entering a new task

To enter a new tasks, use the "new entry" section.

If you have previously entered tasks you can find their categories in the "category" drop-down menu.

If this is a task in a new category simply type the category name in the editable drop-down menu.

You then type a description and press "add entry"

keyboard shortcuts:

Ctrl+N: focus description box

Ctrl+Enter: Add new entry

New entry area

Once you create an entry that has a new category, the category is immediately available in the categories drop-down menu.

By selecting a category you can view only tasks that belong to the selected category.

Editing entries

To edit an entry simply click in the grid and edit the task you want

Editing an entry

Change category

To change the category of an entry after you created it:

1) select entry

2) select or type new category
3) press the "change category" button

Changing category

Change priority

To change the priority of an entry

1) select the entry

2) to increase priority press Ctrl-Up (cursor Up)

    to decrease priority press Ctrl-Down (cursor Down)

Filtering of tasks

You can filter tasks by category, status, and keywords.

By selecting a category or status the filtering occurs automatically.

To filter by keyword you will need to press the search button.

For more information about the keywords search see paragraph "Searching for keywords" in the separate "Pads" section.

Filtering tasks


-----Program shortcuts -----

Ctrl+Shift+F : Focus search box

Ctrl+.     - Goto categories

Ctrl+N     - Edit new entry

Ctrl+Enter - Add new entry

Ctrl+P     - Close entry

Ctrl+D     - Delete entry

Ctrl+Up    - Move entry up

Ctrl+Down  - Move entry down

Ctrl+Q     - Table view

Ctrl+W     - Draftpad

Ctrl+E     - Pads

Ctrl+O     - Options

F1         - Help

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