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   Fast file locator and disk cataloging utility
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   ▪ Disk search basics

   ▪ Disk cataloging mode

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Disk cataloging

Disk catalog mode

In addition to disk searching, ScanFS can also operate as a cataloging system


You can switch to the "disk catalog mode":

a) by selecting File > New database / catalog from the top menu

b) by opening an existing database using File / Open database

c) by opening an existing database from Windows Explorer

To indicate that the program is in disk catalog mode, it uses a green database mode caption as shown below

Disk catalog mode

Adding / Appending catalogs

The first time you create a database the program automatically offers to add the first catalog.

Disk catalog mode allows you to add contents of disks, CDs etc into the database

To append catalogs to an existing database right click in the treeview area that lists the catalogs, and select "Insert new catalog".

You can also add catalogs by pressing the "Add catalog" link-button above the "Database search" button.

You can have unlimited catalogs in each database. Each catalog also retains the initial search parameters.

At a later time you can choose to individually update certain catalogs (see section "Updating existing catalog" below)

Searching in databases

To search in databases you fill the search criteria, and press the "Search database".

This is very similar to the way you search in the disk search mode

Close database

By closing a database, you return to the "Disk search" mode.

Converting results to a database

If you have performed a disk search and you want to save the results in a new database, right click in the treeview and select

"Convert to catalog".

Alternatively you can select "File > Save database as...". However to append more catalogs, you will also need to convert the results to a catalog

with the "Convert to catalog" command.

Updating existing catalog

You can update or refresh a catalog you performed at some point in the past by using the "Update catalog" command, in the treeview context menu.

This allows you to perform a search by using the exact

Saving database changes

When you try to exit the program without saving your changes to a database, it will remind you

of all changes that have been performed, so that you can decide whether you want to save or discard these changes.

ScanFS monitors all database changes

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