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  - Performs comparisons between two directories   - Reports new, updated, renamed, moved and deleted files
  - Performs synchronization from the source to the destination path
  - Can be used for differential or full backups.

Tags: Local File Synchronization, Network File Synchronization, Synchronize Files, Compare & Sync Folders, Compare & Synch Folders, Free Sync Software, Free Synch Software, Folder Sync
Version:  build 212

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License:  Freeware
Date:  17 Apr 2018
Size  1.18 MB
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Windows 10 Full support for Windows 10™
This program fully supports the Windows 10 operating system.
   Command Line Parameters

    +Identical : show identical files
    -Identical : hide identical files (DEFAULT)
    +New       : show new files (DEFAULT)
    -New       : hide new files
    +Deleted   : show deleted files (DEFAULT)
    -Deleted   : hide deleted files
    +Updated   : show updated files (DEFAULT)
    -Updated   : hide updated files
    +Moved     : show moved files (DEFAULT)
    -Moved     : hide moved files
    /filter    : Include/Exclude filters
                 Supports multiple keywords and also exclusions.
                 To exclude a term prefix the keyword with a dash (-) .
                 paint: lists all files that contain the word "paint".
                 microsoft -office: lists all files that contain microsoft but not office.
                 artist1 mp3: lists all mp3 files that contain the term artist1.
                 artist1 -mp3: lists all files that contain artist1 but not mp3
    /tolerance=N : modification date tolerance in seconds, where N is the number of seconds
    /start_synch : automatically start synchronization
    /auto_close  : automatically close after synchronization

   Change Log
- build 212: 17 Apr 2018 bug fix: command line start_synch fix bug fix: save settings issue - build 205: 14 Sep 2015 bug fix: sorting issue - build 202: 07 Dec 2014 wpf version - build 111: 05 Sep 2014 --- - build 108: 29 Oct 2013 improvement: background synchronization - build 106: 28 Oct 2013 update: in case of sync errors with some files, sync task continues update: program remembers form size and position - build 100: 24 Oct 2013 64 bit Release (FolderSync .NET 32/64 bit) -

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