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Exclude folders and files from comparison
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378433.png pcc2u
2012-11-24 03:40:33⁼
Pls give sample script to exclude multiple folders.
376966.png Aabd
2012-11-04 18:07:14⁼
You can create exclusions in the following format to exclude certain subfolders.

For example you want to synchronize C:\Users\, without the folder C:\Users\Grahamt\Downloads\

FolderSync filter:

Hope this helps :-)
0.png grahamt
2008-10-23 13:55:58⁼
It would be great if it could be possible to eliminate certain files and sub-folders from the initial comparison as a part of the task definition. The existing Filter facility is too limited. That way it would be possible to synchronise at a high level but exclude certain sub-folders and file types such as /Temp or thumbs.db or ntuser.* and so on.
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