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Can't install update
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1.png saleen support
⁼18/Dec/23 20:54:19⁼
saleen support changed thread status to Closed (no feedback)
1.png saleen support
⁼08/Dec/23 21:11:37⁼

It looks like the installer does not have access to the installation folder.

I am not sure why but try to rename the existing VideoManager.exe to VideoManager.exe-backup and try again.

Or rename the entire folder 

E:\Video Manager


E:\Video Manager-backup

then install to a fresh E:\Video Manager

and if all is OK transfer the database file 



E:\Video Manager-backup to 

E:\Video Manager

1000109.png JackT
⁼04/Dec/23 20:31:47⁼

Hi. No, I'm trying to install into "E:\Video Manager", as you suggested. The additional "\VideoManager.exe" is just part of the error message. 

1.png saleen support
⁼04/Dec/23 09:14:18⁼

Are you trying to install into 

E:\Video Manager\VideoManager.exe ?

This will not work. For the installation path just type 

E:\Video Manager\

Maybe this is the issue.

1000109.png JackT
⁼29/Nov/23 16:29:17⁼

Hi. I'm not using any antiviruses. I did disable the Windows 10 built-in anti-virus via: windows security > virus & threat protection settings > manage settings / and then I disabled it completely.

Unfortunately, I'm still getting the exact same error message. What can I do?

1.png saleen support
⁼28/Nov/23 21:54:18⁼

Hi again.

It is most probably the antivirus software blocking it.

Are you using the built-in Windows antivirus or a different one?

1000109.png JackT
⁼28/Nov/23 19:05:50⁼

Thank you for the quick reply! I looked for any running processes named VideoManager and didn't find any. I rebooted, tried to reinstall and still got an error: 


Code=2, Details: Could not update E:\Video Manager\VideoManager.exe

details: Access to the path 'E:\Video Manager\VideoManager.exe' is denied., stack:    at _SIzAumOJAqbQLIS8nMOIToZNVzP._MELJ4hU095KhoIb59DbcOk6ymgJ(String )

   at _jgIxh0zADVIJM9TF8SLvN7VdXng._vcoM0YE8qVRbsJjKlxwwIQYLRNe()

   at _jgIxh0zADVIJM9TF8SLvN7VdXng._Kt7bVr84NwCorXRXaPcmrl2Sa3O()


Any thoughts?

Thanks again!

1.png saleen support
⁼28/Nov/23 18:48:05⁼


Probably the old app did not exit and it is still in memory.

The easiest solution is to reboot the PC and download the software from my website.

Or open the Task Manager and see if there is a task called VideoManager. If there is the right click on it and select "End task".

Hope this helps.

1000108.png JackT
⁼28/Nov/23 16:54:58⁼

Hi there! My Video Manager is outdated, so I was just prompted to download the latest version. I did and when trying to install, I'm getting this error message:


Code=2, Details: Could not update E:\VideoManager\VideoManager.exe

details: Access to the path 'E:\VideoManager\VideoManager.exe' is denied., stack:    at _SIzAumOJAqbQLIS8nMOIToZNVzP._MELJ4hU095KhoIb59DbcOk6ymgJ(String )

   at _jgIxh0zADVIJM9TF8SLvN7VdXng._vcoM0YE8qVRbsJjKlxwwIQYLRNe()

   at _jgIxh0zADVIJM9TF8SLvN7VdXng._Kt7bVr84NwCorXRXaPcmrl2Sa3O()


I don't know why access to that path would be denied. I can access it just fine and I don't believe anything changed since my last installation.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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