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1000033.png Gharriss
2023-02-27 13:20:00⁼

Thank you for waiting for me to look through. 

Yes it was way better than where it was. 

1. Download Multiple URLS does not work. It might download the first one and then will stop in the middle of it. 

2. Continuation: It might download the entire of one (1) URL and will stop. 

3. Some links still do not show the (Select) bottom for downloading only certain images.  

Any way to get these features to work again?

This link will not allow me to do the top 3 issues above.



1000088.png Gharriss
2023-02-24 13:03:48⁼

The main pages I download are working perfectly. I will look into more this morning after work. 

thank you     

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1000084.png Darki
2023-02-24 12:45:28⁼

thx, working now

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1000087.png gkhoc
2023-02-24 09:41:49⁼

Update 703 worked after re starting the PC

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1.png saleen support
2023-02-24 09:25:17⁼

Try again. Latest is 703

1000087.png gkhoc
2023-02-24 09:23:30⁼

Still showing as 702 after installing the update this morning.

1.png saleen support
2023-02-24 08:54:15⁼

Dear all,

I uploaded a new build.

Please try and provide feedback.

1.png saleen support
2023-02-24 07:06:40⁼

Confirmed. I am checking.

1000033.png Gharriss
2023-02-24 00:50:43⁼

It does not work for me. Nothing downloads. :-( 


this link does open the download screen. I can not download multiple link. Albums can not be downloaded either. 

was there an internal error that is causing issues? 

1.png saleen support
2023-02-23 20:11:38⁼

Here is 699


Let me know if it works any better as the latest one was released about a week ago.

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