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Download of galleries does not work properly
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1.png saleen support
2022-11-02 08:03:25⁼

It turns out that galleries were never supported.

I will write back whether it can be implemented.

1.png saleen support
2022-11-01 11:43:29⁼

Hm. Very strange. 

Checking. I will write back by tomorrow.

1000062.png Alex
2022-08-09 05:13:53⁼

Anybody there?

1000062.png Alex
2022-07-16 07:51:47⁼

Hello Support,

the download of galleries does not work properly.

It does not pick the shown images, but seemingly random images.



It contains 23 images, but WebDownloader selects 5 pages with 418 images.

Thanks and regards


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