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My reviews after 5 years of using App Downloader
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1.png saleen support
2021-10-14 08:36:13⁼

Thank you my friend.

We will add more platforms if there is enough demand.

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998950.png catter0914
2021-10-11 03:04:58⁼

I used the software to store beautiful pictures from flickr. This is a great app, as it is developed by the excellent team.

The application works well on all windows platforms (unfortunately, no ubuntu)

I have run the application continuously for days, and do not see any errors coming from the system

Images are also perfect

All user needs are always researched and responded to very quickly by the publishing team

I wonder, in the future, can this app handle facebook, pinterest and instagram images? As the it is working with flickr. If yes, please commercialization. I will be one of the first customers

Many thanks to Saleen and everybody.


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