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Very happy to have found this software! But sometimes the search does not work?
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1.png saleen support
2021-09-15 07:12:18⁼

Hi FlankyFrankie and thanks writing.

I am not aware of any issues related to the search functionality.

Can you provide more details about the issue?

This is a summary of how the search works

1. keywords are separated by space

2. keywords that contain space are surrounded by double-quotes

3. all keywords are joined using the AND operator (i.e. results match all keywords)

4. to force excludion of a keyword, prefix with a hyphen

Hope this helps

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1000050.png FlankyFrankie
2021-09-12 00:48:50⁼

I just started using this software and am really happy with it overall since it was free and seems to do the job.  I just was noticing that sometimes the search doesn't work?  Its weird because one second it will work, then not, then I try a different term and its working again.  If I find the solution to this I may pay the corporate license just to support the software.  I am just a home user trying to organize all my home videos and stuff for my very small youtube channel

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