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1000004.png sho-jpn
2020-03-12 20:06:44⁼



On 'video viewer' on the left side in the screen,

"Add/Edit Tags" does not respond.


On "Library",

When the list is not focused

If I press the right mouse button outside the list forcus,

Menu is displayed (Export only).

3. Not Bug.

On "Videos"

When I press the right mouse button,

a small window with the file name appears on lower right on OS Screen.

1000004.png sho-jpn
2020-03-12 13:25:41⁼

Ok, thank you for the quick answer.

I'm expecting and waiting.

I have more requests and questions.

My request may not be your intended function,

Please consider.


1."Videos" and "Playlists"

  I think 

  One of the useful features in this software,

  'snapshot' can be used as a video index. 


  On "Videos" and "Playlists", even if I select a video list,

  'video viewer' and 'snapshot list' on the left side in the screen

   does not change.

  Thumbnails on the bottom in the screen, too.


  Switch it like "Library" or "Frames".

  "Library", "Videos", "Playlists" and "Frames" ,
  I want the behavior when clicked to be the same all.

2. The column
  This software can save the order of the columns was another comment.
  But not saved.
  (I don't understand the meaning of "between sessions" at another comment.)
  Is it saved by some menu operation?

Columns request summary  
  ・Add "Title" column
  ・Add Sort priority (3columns)
  ・Columns order
  ・Columns width
  ・Save these
  ・The display after startup in the saved columns information.
 3.Blu-ray and DVD information
  It may be technically difficult,
  I want got thumbnails Blu-ray and DVD ISO.


4.Get information form internet database server

  Is it possible to get information from a database on the Internet Server like 'Kodi' ?

  I want 'Description' and 'Actors' in "Video details."




1. How to use the right-click menu "Slideshow".

  I do not understand the function.

2. 'thumbnail edit'( thumbnails on the bottom of the screen) 

  I can not confirm the operation because an error appears,

  Can Edit the videostrip time ?


3. "Frames List" in 'Video details' is

  I thought that snapshot is displayed.

  But nothing is displayed.


  What is displayed ?

1.png saleen support
2020-03-09 07:28:27⁼

Dear sho-jpn

Thank you very much for the kind words!

I am glad you like the software.

I will get back to you on your points in a few days.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to provide your valuable feedback!

1000004.png sho-jpn
2020-03-07 18:34:59⁼

Dear Saleen,

Thank you very much that you make this software.

I've been looking for video manager like this for a long time.

My requests are six.

Main screen views "Library", "Videos" and "Playlists" 

1. Save the width of the column on "Library" and "Playlists".

2.  Add "Title" column on "Library" and "Playlists".

3. The sort priority add 3 columns on "Library"

     If i sort by "Collection", "FileName" is sorted differently.

     I want to sort by "Collection" - "FileName".

     And I want to sort by "Collection" - "Title".

4. On "Videos", implement the sort function and the sort priority add 3 fields.

5. Save the sort settings

6. On Blue-Ray Disk, scan the 'index.bdmv' or 'MovieObject.bdmv'.

    At that time, ignore the contents of 'BACKUP' folder.


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