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3k & 4k files
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1000061.png El-tra
2022-06-29 20:31:00⁼

Do you plan to make the large sizes available in batch downloads anytime soon? (One by one is somewhat pointless in a downloader application. ;)
Would definitely be worth registering the app!


1000048.png Jonathan
2021-12-17 06:33:35⁼

The beforementioned idea sounds nice.

However, the software alwready knows the biggest version available, (6k or 5k etc) since it always downloads the biggest available if you go one by one.

The problem is when you try to download an album, then it only downloads the  "k" ones

Hope this helps

1000055.png Trenten
2021-11-19 20:29:37⁼

I'd help with testing. I've noticed the software doesn't always download the highest resolution available. I've coded a python based project that parses the links to find the highest resolution. It uses a case statement with o being original. list of appending image codes from highest res to lowest res are

image sizes in high to low res

Then just have the code parse the page for the image link starting with the appending code for original and work down the list until it finds the link.

❤️ 1
1000048.png Jonathan
2021-09-20 06:43:18⁼

i d love to help !

its so frustrating to download the small versions of the images

1.png saleen support
2021-07-27 20:36:44⁼

Thanks a lot for the positive feedback.

I am sorry this took so long.

I am willing to try to fix this, if I find 1-2 people to help me with testing.


1000048.png Jonathan
2021-07-26 10:58:49⁼

Hi, it would be nice if you could fix that !

Otherwise, your program is perfect !

Just the 2048px limitation is frustrating when there are so many pics at 6244px etc

1000039.png Bernd Selbmann
2021-04-03 13:43:05⁼

I have exactly the same issues: Download alle files from
an no picture is bigger than 2048px

but the pic is 6244px

even the oldest pic is bigger than 2048px: 4096 × 2281

1.png saleen support
2021-03-03 21:10:23⁼


Can you share a clean url please?

1000015.png Jeremy A
2021-03-01 20:53:37⁼

it appears i cannot download the /pool/userid pics anymore.

strange  :-(

are you going to make another version to fix the 6k files ?

1000028.png Jeremy
2021-02-04 20:55:07⁼

Congratulations on the new version :-)

it fixed something that used to be working in the past.

The ability to use the /pool/ userid 

in a group URL to see and download only photos from a specific user in a group :-)

but it still doesnt download the big version :-( only the _k.jpg files

hope you can fix that too in the future

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