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1000028.png Jeremy
2020-12-23 08:21:53⁼


I didnt get any messages, but program was unusable for me. No download happened no matter how much i waited

I downloaded the version you have on the website again, which lets me select and download what i want from the pop up window.

If you make any new version, i will try again.


1.png saleen support
2020-12-21 20:36:05⁼

Do you get any messages in the "messages tab"?

I tried this url and works OK for me:


1000028.png Jeremy
2020-12-21 18:58:50⁼

Thank you for the new version.

However, it does not download anything from the pop-up window anymore.

The image it tries to save turns to red, and then blue again and nothing happens.

If you go one by one, it appears to be working fine.

Tried with 4k & 6k images, nothing happened. Then tried normal images and again it didnt download anything from the pop-up window.

Hope this helps

1.png saleen support
2020-12-20 21:35:59⁼

Dear Jeremy,

Please try this pre-release build:

url: https://www.saleensoftware.com/Prerelease/WebDownloaderCef_build670_Setup.exe 

I would appreciate it if you can provide some feedback.

Thanks a lot for the help

1.png saleen support
2020-12-19 22:06:01⁼

Dear Jeremy,

I fixed the issue internally.

I will post a pre-release link tomorrow.

1.png saleen support
2020-12-13 20:36:15⁼

Thanks for the explantion.

I will give it a try and write back

1000028.png Jeremy
2020-12-13 19:52:25⁼

With the latest version, indeed you do get the 5k and 6k downloaded....

but ONLY if you are looking at the photo while you press download.

I mean, if you are looking at a photostream, and you select the photos from the pop-up window, then it only downloads the _k versions.


Check it on your side as well to see if i am right

1.png saleen support
2020-12-10 21:21:29⁼

Dear Jeremy

I tried the urls using the latest build and here are my results.



file: "Ruegen 2019 outdoor autumn 20191029 458 - 50619811568_8056121ac2_3k.jpg"

dimensions: 3072x2048 


url: https://www.flickr.com/photos/brigguslad/50621020962/in/pool-1609106@N20


file: "'Walled' lane ...... - 50621020962_74aabaaf0d_4k.jpg"

dimensions: 3872x2592


url: https://www.flickr.com/photos/swjuk/50621317761/in/pool-todaysflickr


file: "Z50_3070 - Whitby Tunnel - 50621317761_0d480ebcc1_5k.jpg"

dimensions: 5120x3413


url: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jaume_pando/23960518988/in/pool-1609106@N20


file: "4%AA Etapa_  de Binimel.l%E0 als Alocs - 23960518988_a2ad03388d_6k.jpg"

dimensions: 5840x2074


So it looks like the issue is fixed with latest build.

Please let me know if you still get smaller versions.

1.png saleen support
2020-11-21 20:59:13⁼

Dear Jeremy,

thanks a lot for the detailed reply.

I will check write back in a few days.

1000015.png Jeremy A
2020-11-19 20:43:03⁼

No, does not work.

The example you mention has the original sizes available for download.

Check this photo for example


webdownloader automatically downloads 2048 when on the flickr website you see 3k

or this example


webdownloader automatically downloads 2048 when on the flickr website you see 4k, 3k, and all the small ones

or even this example


webdownloader automatically downloads 2048 when on the flickr website you see 5k, 4k, 3k, and all the small ones

and a 6k one...


webdownloader automatically downloads 2048 when on the flickr website you see 6k, 5k, 4k, 3k, and all the small ones

hope this helps :-)

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