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Flickr download has stopped working
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1.png saleen support
2021-03-04 10:42:08⁼

Thank you J.

I am not sure how we missed that one. 

This is fixed internally and will be available in the next build.

1000037.png J
2021-02-18 20:20:19⁼


I think I may have found the problem.  For me anyway, addresses without the www load (the browser displays the page) but the download script doesn't seem to recognize it as a flickr page. When I put www. in front of flickr.com the links start working properly.  For example:

https://flickr.com/photos/manfredi90/  <== does NOT work

https://www.flickr.com/photos/manfredi90/ <== DOES work

This also seems to be the case with individual photos:

https://flickr.com/photos/manfredi90/49841734451/in/dateposted/ <== does NOT work

https://www.flickr.com/photos/manfredi90/49841734451/in/dateposted/ <== DOES work

Hope that works for you,


1000016.png Alex
2020-06-15 17:47:21⁼

Hello saleen support,

nearly 4 months later I wanted to ask WHEN you are going to reply?

1.png saleen support
2020-02-25 15:24:14⁼

Hi Alex,

I will check and write back.

999961.png Alex
2020-02-21 10:58:04⁼

Hello Support,

thanks for the new build.

It is working for me partially, because still some pages do not work. (not working means that I don't see the "select" button)

Working examples:




NOT working examples:




I don't know what the difference is between these accounts.

But I can SEE the difference that obviously only accounts with real names are working and the random automatically generated names with the "@" sign don't work.

It would be great if you could follow up on this.

Thanks and regards


1.png saleen support
2020-02-17 21:13:33⁼

Dear Mark,

Can you please try build 664?

It works for me, so I am interested to see whether it works for you.

Please let me know, so that I can investigate.


1.png saleen support
2020-02-17 21:12:04⁼

Dear Wayne + 

Please download build 664 which includes signed executables, that will help antivirus software.

999961.png Alex
2020-02-17 09:45:01⁼

Hi Support,

a month later I wanted to ask about the progress in addressing my issue.

It still does not show the button to make a selection.

999961.png Alex
2020-01-17 18:03:51⁼

Hi Support,

thanks for your replies.

the URL https://flickr.com/groups/vintage-advertising-antiques/pool/ doesn't work for me as well.

But I don't have an antivirus solution except the built-in in Windows 10.

999993.png Downloader won't initiate
2020-01-05 04:13:36⁼

Thanks!  You were right.  It was my McAfee anti-virus that was blocking the program.  I am not very techy.  Would you mind telling me how to instruct McAfee to allow this (Flickr Down) program to run, without turning off my anti-virus protection completely?   Many thanks for your assistance as always!

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