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Strange 'Favorites' issue
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1.png saleen support
2019-09-25 06:56:34⁼

Hi Fred,

I am using Windows 10 and do not see this behavior.

I also did not manage to reproduce it.

Can you send a screenshot?

About the server error:

probably it was something temporary.

999975.png fred
2019-09-16 10:06:03⁼

Just converted to Windows 10 64bit and noticed that when I click on the

Favorites 'gold star' instead of getting a preselected box size showing all the

items I get a very small box about 2cm square popup with just the words

'Edit Comment' visible in the top left corner of screen.

If I resize it to view all and position it as required it only sticks

until I exit the program. On reopening the problem re-occurs.

Not used Webdownloader for awhile so no sure if it is related

to change from Windows 8.1 to 10.

Strange as never had this issue before.

The previous request for a download an album in one go,

retaining album name, feature is a great idea.

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