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Logging in to Webloader
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1.png saleen support
2019-08-06 07:46:48⁼
saleen support changed thread status to Closed (resolved)
1.png saleen support
2019-05-11 20:08:01⁼

Thanks a lot for letting me know!

Have a nice weekend!

999954.png P
2019-05-11 18:06:28⁼

OK. I have now solved the problem as to why I have to log in every time I use Downloader.

It has nothing to do with the updates.

It has all to do with Flickr. 

They are leaving Yahoo behind, and the way you view Flickr at the moment, is the way you view Downloader. 

Flickr are changing the way you log in, and this is part way to the end goal.

Thank you for trying to help me out, but Flickr are the ones at fault.

1.png saleen support
2019-05-09 09:17:41⁼

Not sure what is wrong. From here it remembers my login.

There was nothing changed in the software related to that issue.

Here are the previous versions




999954.png P
2019-05-05 09:30:54⁼

I do not know, if it is Flickr or Downloader who is at fault, as to why I have to sign into Flickr on the Downloader site, to carry on with downloading. All I know, is that when the last update came in, I had to sign in.

1.png saleen support
2019-05-03 14:45:28⁼

Hi P,

Can you send me a screenshot, to see where you need to enter the email and password?

Are you saying that you want flick.com to "remember you"

but it does not remember you after you restart WebDownloader?

999954.png P
2019-04-30 19:32:39⁼

My browsing is exactly as you have pointed out, but I still have to post my email address and password.

There is one thing that might be something to consider. Because Flick are no longer supporting Internet Explorer, I have just changed to Google Chrome.

1.png saleen support
2019-04-28 20:41:54⁼

Sorry it is Options not Settings

So Options > Browser settings

999954.png P
2019-04-27 16:49:23⁼

    I have no idea as to where to look for Settings > Browsing if 

"Resume from last page" , but I do not think this is the prpblem.

Everything was working fine before the latest update, now, evertime I open downloader, I have to put my email address and password in.  I am at a loss as to what is going on, as I am already logged in to my Flickr account. This problem has affected my laptop and my desktop.

1.png saleen support
2019-04-27 09:44:07⁼

Hi P,

I just tried and it works from here, so I  will need some more information.

Can you check in Settings > Browsing if 

"Resume from last page" is checked?

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