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How can I re-download a previously-downloaded file
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1.png saleen support
2019-02-05 20:12:34⁼


I am glad it worked.

I will keep the thread open, since I will need to check about your feature request,

which sounds useful.

998939.png ilonra
2019-02-05 19:28:49⁼

Okay, that worked for me. Thanks! Hopefully in a future update you'll be able to implement a temporary override option to make it much easier without needing to delete from the library.

1.png saleen support
2019-02-04 21:48:38⁼

You can filter the library and see only the items you want to delete.

e.g. if you search for 


you see only pictures downloaded from that url

please remember to check "search all fields"

As I wrote I will check about your request to have an "override" feature.

998939.png ilonra
2019-02-04 20:47:27⁼

Okay, I'm still lost. I browsed to a set as usual. Then I clicked on the library tab to the left. So now what?

I have a huge gigantic list of files to the right which seems to have nothing to do with the set/page the browser is on because that set has only 21 images. I don't get it.

What am I missing? I just want to be able to highlight all 21 images in this set/page and re-download them all in a new folder. Why is that so hard to figure out in this program?

So I guess I"m misunderstanding what soft delete does? I have to delete everything in the list? But I don't want to do that. I just want to select a few sets to re-download, without permanently emptying the library.

1.png saleen support
2019-02-04 18:31:51⁼

You need to click on the "library" tab. On the left side.

998939.png ilonra
2019-02-04 16:33:49⁼

Okay, I'm trying to soft-delete, and it doesn't seem to work, unless I'm doing something wrong.

- I browse to a set in Flickr. The selection thumbnail pop-up appears.

- all images are highlighted yellow (already downloaded).

- I hold ctrl on the keyboard and click each image (I see no way to highlight them all at once when they're yellow).

- the little blue arrow disappears as I click each thumbnail, and it's highlighted blue now.

- I see no delete option. I hit delete on the keyboard. Nothing happens.

- I click "save selected" while all images are now blue.

- Nothing downloads - the messages tab fills up with "image already downloaded" messages.

So what am I doing wrong here?

1.png saleen support
2019-02-03 21:39:09⁼

Yes, "soft delete" forgets that you downloaded these images,

(but of course it does not delete them from the disk)

I will check about your "override" suggestion and write back.

998939.png ilonra
2019-02-03 17:10:16⁼

Hi, thanks for the reply.

I haven't tried using the library tab. I'm not familiar with it. What does "soft delete" do? If I "soft delete" by highlighting the images and hitting "delete", does that simply forget that the highlighted files have been downloaded? Sort of like a "reset" for those selected images only? If so, that might work for now.

I don't want to permanently forget what's downloaded, because I'd like it to remember all the downloaded files for when I update a pool/set (select new images/pages, skipping all previously downloaded files).

I was hoping to just "override" temporarily on a page-by-page/set-by-set or pool-by-pool basis, just so I can grab a complete set, even if some of the images have previously been downloaded from other pools.

Maybe like a button to check-off that says "ignore/override previously-downloaded files", or maybe a drop-down option or something. That way you can leave it unchecked most of the time to skip previously-downloaded files as usual, but enable it to ignore as desired.

1.png saleen support
2019-02-03 16:12:06⁼

Hi ilonra

Do you use the library tab?
If not then the easiest way is to soft delete all library files.
note: "soft delete" is invoked by selecting a set of files and pressing "Delete"

If you do not want to clear the library, let me know
to check about your "override" suggestion.

998939.png ilonra
2019-02-02 11:17:16⁼

I've been downloading some pools lately, all similar in nature, sharing many of the same images, but some that are unique to each pool.

I'd like to grab one user's sets separately, but many of his photos have already been downloaded from the pools. So when I go to his own sets specifically, all of the images in those sets that were also in the pools I downloaded are already highlighted yellow and won't download. But I want to re-download them to have them as complete sets in these new folders I'm creating just for these sets.

Is there any way to temporarily override it so it forces downloading of all images in the sets, ignoring if they were previously downloaded? I know I can clear/delete all the files in the appdata folder to clear the software of previous history but I don't want to do that as I want it to remember for when I update the pools. I just want to override it temporarily on a page-by-page/set-by-set basis. Can I do that?

*also misspelled "previously" in the title.

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