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1.png saleen support
2014-01-08 15:48:19⁼
Columns are now remembers between sessions
1.png saleen support
2014-01-07 10:13:24⁼

Update:Frame settings are now saved in build 137

Columns not yet though.

1.png saleen support
2014-01-05 05:30:12⁼

Quick update:

Both of these have not been addressed yet.

Last build focused on improved DirectShow, VLC frame generation, and had to put priorities,

436999.png Rick
2013-11-18 04:49:26⁼
Ok, thanks for the quick answer.

In general i am very happy with this program.
1.png saleen support
2013-11-18 04:12:32⁼
Dear Rick,

Thank you very much for your nice words.

The first issue you mention, is because the columns are not saved. I will fix this in the next build

The other issue is by design (the program says the changes are valid for the current session).
Let me check if there was a reason for this, otherwise I will have the settings saved in the next build also.

Thanks again for the feedback
436999.png Rick
2013-11-18 02:53:05⁼
Dear Saleen,

It is really hard to find decent video management software that works successfully together with VLC. Therefore my big compliments for this software, i really love it! Thank you for all the efforts. This was what i was looking for!

One question i have; when i make changes in the library like putting the 'tags' column to the left instead of right, then when i restart the program all these changes are back to default. Also the frames generation settings are back to default when i changed these. Am i doing something wrong?

Again thanks!
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