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"No reply from server"
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412228.png fred
2013-07-24 21:37:20⁼
I think the latest flickr changes has thrown a spanner in the works with the program.

As reported there are still some remaining issues to get it back on track which I'm sure is
being addressed. Before any new features are added it is very important to restore a largely bug free program.
251 as the reported 'builds' suggests a lot of work but mostly to play catch up with a
continuously moving target.

No other program out there remotely like it so 'Saleen' keep up the good work.
It might be more productive to do more internal testing and release fewer builds apart from parser updates to limit the amount of fix updates. There again Saleen is brilliant in responding to customer feed back mainly within a few days...What other developer do you know does that?

Not had any recent server issues other than the odd pause before a forum posting is accepted and probably nothing to do with a server. There have been timely server changes in the past when ever I have raised the issue.

Thank you.

OOPS...wrong thread but the server comments still apply (the rest is Webdownloader related)
1.png saleen support
2013-07-24 20:37:12⁼
If it happens again, please try later.
The program is not dead.

I am not hosting on 99%-uptime servers, or anything like that,
and I am thinking to switch my hosting soon.
412753.png trappermike
2013-07-24 17:16:37⁼
I see in this forum others have reported the same thing,but I don't see any answers offered.
Has this program and support died,I'm thinking so...
What a shame,I really liked this program.
If anyone has an answer or a fix please let the rest of us know.
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