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Bug (crash) + feature (ability to compare in different ways)
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409494.png wislam
2013-07-07 03:46:24⁼
Good little program, but needs improvement.

First, a couple of problems I've discovered: -

1. crash when clicking 'status' column to sort based on status. Perhaps this is only the case when there's hundreds of files, perhaps only with 1 status. But doesn't appear to crash when sorting by other fields.

2. crash when switching between different tasks.

Improvement: -

1. ability to change colours for new / modified / deleted files/folders.

2. if you change column sizes, they're not saved.

3. not sure what currently determines a difference, but sometimes a file's timestap has changed, but the contents haven't, so it would be good to have 2 or 3 options in settings to enable/disable how comparison is performed.
* compare timestap
* compare sizes
* compare md5/checksum

Thanks for a simple but helpful little utility.
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