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Malwarebytes 3.6.1 blocking Webdownloader
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Closed (resolved)
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1.png saleen support
2019-01-24 14:21:31⁼
saleen support changed thread status to Closed (resolved)
1.png saleen support
2019-01-22 17:20:19⁼

I checked with MalwareBytes 3.6.1 and no issues were detected.

Let me know if in the future any notifications are displayed.

1.png saleen support
2018-09-27 17:55:26⁼

OK thanks for the details.

I will check and contact them

997906.png fred
2018-09-27 17:43:53⁼

Forgot to mention it is the Premium (paid for) and not the free version which

is a lot slimmed down from my version.

997905.png fred
2018-09-27 17:11:40⁼


Component package 1.0.463

Definitions 1.0.7039. This auto updates when loading program so as near as

I can give you. (Now reports a later version as updated very often

(quite a few  times a day).

Can get round issue by adding the reported file to the exclusions list.

I assume the 'PUP' is not a virus as such but Malwarebytes treats it as not trusted

and unwanted. The clue is in the name PUP = Potentially Unwanted Program.

Maybe Malwarebytes is being a shade too aggressive in dealing with your program.

Only just had the issue with last 3.6.1 version. So maybe you can contact them

explaining yours is a perfectly normal program file that should not be considered as a 'PUP'

Malwarebytes after version 3 initial release has been subject to many updates mainly to solve

numerous bugs that have been annoying users a great deal!!

1.png saleen support
2018-09-27 12:27:38⁼

Here are the latest links (3-4 hours old)



No issues even with Malwarebytes.

Any chance you can check and tell me the date/time of the virus definitions?

1.png saleen support
2018-09-27 08:22:41⁼

Hi Fred,

thanks for letting me know.

My latest virustotal reports do not show any issues.


Will investigate and write back.

997904.png fred
2018-09-27 07:57:08⁼

Just updated Malwarebytes from 3.5.1 to 3.6.1 latest version and now it blocks Webdownloader

by not allowing running of WebdownloaderWpf.exe identifying it as a 'PUP'

(Potentially Unwanted Program). As it is widely used you may want to contact them to

correct this issue. I have disabled it in the very short term but not a solution

I can live with for long.

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