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Naming rules should be changed
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412066.png celebs2008
2013-07-19 21:34:47⁼

Hi, Fred!

I use both programs. Their file naming schemes is not the same.

For example, A night at home - 8709052978_5995d7dec4_o.jpg (Web Downloader file naming) is much better filename than 8709052978_5995d7dec4_o A night at home.jpg (Flickr Downloader file naming). 

I use ACDSee to view the pictures, so I don't have any possibilities to arrange pix collected with Flickr Downloader by ABC order (by author sets/series).  And it's too hard to find some particular pictures by their original (by the author given) names.  It's very useful when you want to synchronize the previously downloaded collection of a Flickr user with the updates of the same Flickr user or when you wanna see the series of photos. 

Just  after FlickrDownloader's downloading  try to see the pix of this author by the sets/series, and I hope you will catch my idea: http://www.flickr.com/photos/artisticasianinfatuation. All girls' photos are mixed: you see three pix of one girls, then eleven pix of another girl, etc. And you cannot added new pix to the series downloaded two or three months ago, just because the filenames do not start with series' names.

I will be happy if you change the file naming system.

Thank you very much in advance.

380479.png fred
2012-12-18 23:23:21⁼
I like it as is as most original names are unique and those that have a descriptive name are not
confused with random 'flickr' generated characters that are meaningless.

Prior method of naming files was nonsensical.

Just my opinion, but no other requests for a revert back!

Why is it important to have picture file named Series_JinkySeries_Jinky - 6272377295_8f63e90c0d_o.jpg??
You can sort both descriptive and 'IMG_1234.jpg' type files easily.

Seems very odd to me...I like the original camera name and had to do a bult rename task every download
to strip the c**p from the name....very time consuming!!!

Web Downloader works the same as Flickr Downloader in it's latest version so your request is not valid.

Willing to have an option box to select 'Flickr' name OR 'Original' name as a way of meeting all parties needs though.

Would probably go to another program if it did revert.
380467.png Celebs2008
2012-12-18 20:44:54⁼

Please, make Flickr Downloader to name the downloaded files like in Web Downloader.  I mean, the original name first, and after that - the flickr's addition to the original name:

not like this: 6272377295_8f63e90c0d_o_Series_ JinkySeries_ Jinky.jpg

Such order is OK: Series_ JinkySeries_ Jinky - 6272377295_8f63e90c0d_o.jpg

Otherwise it's impossible to sort the downloaded files by their names.

Thank you in advance.

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