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Display file name in Download Multiple Picture window?
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379154.png fred
2012-12-02 09:42:22⁼
Any progress??
1.png saleen support
2012-09-27 22:07:48⁼
OK. I checked and you are right.
I also use the flickr URL filename but they are not really needed.

I will add an option for this in the next build of Web Downloader (not Flickr Downloader).
1.png saleen support
2012-09-26 08:12:42⁼
Let me check and I will let you know.
373106.png fred
2012-09-25 07:20:51⁼
Is saving to original file name For WebDownloader on your 'to do' list as unclear from your answer??

See my previous response to this posting.
372571.png fred
2012-09-17 15:54:11⁼
Webdownloader displays the original file name in the download window BUT it still does not save
the file with the original name .....you still get a string of meaningless characters attached to the original file name which I have to strip off.
1.png saleen support
2012-09-17 08:28:20⁼
OK, it is possible to show the extra information, but I cannot provide a time frame.

For the original filename: Web Downloader handles this properly. Flickr Downloader is very tighly developed to depend on the extra meta data that I prepend on the filenames. So this will not change any time soon.

372256.png fred
2012-09-12 20:08:52⁼
Another gentle reminder!

Sorry but your unresponsive server leads me to double post.
372256.png fred
2012-09-12 20:08:33⁼
Another gentle reminder!
1.png saleen support
2012-08-30 14:33:05⁼
Sorry for not replying.
I will let you know in a few days.
371026.png fred
2012-08-29 20:04:54⁼
Any response??
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