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Download page size issue spotted
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382697.png fred
2013-01-12 16:22:02⁼
Current status as I find it:

Flickr Downloader

Download Multiple Pic's window saves window position but vertical size is not remembered if changed from the default.

Favorates window : Location,Comments,Date size (width of column) appears OK, but the
Favorates window always defaults to centre position so on exit position is forgot.

Web Downloader :

Download Multiple Pic's and Favorates remember position AND vertical size.

Other issues that still do not seem optimal as a feature are the 'Go To  Page' mechanism
if the page size is large (I have pages in the 500's and it's a pain to select using the current method....A slider bar or input page number box would be quicker (preferrably a slider bar).

Also discussed before the 2 numerical green boxes which count down the images (flickr)
(I have forgot the logic in use....as not titled also) would be better replaced as a simple
total of images selected to download and a no of remaining images to download countdown.

Sorry if some of this should appear in Web Downloader Forum but related>
Hope this helps.

1.png saleen support
2013-01-12 11:12:38⁼
I am not sure if this was fixed, since you posted it.
Does it still happen? If yes can you provide more details e.g. Flickr Downloader or Web Downloader?

374561.png fred
2012-10-11 13:46:30⁼
Any feedback?
1.png saleen support
2012-09-26 14:36:15⁼
I think this is in WebDownloader not FlickrDownloader.
Basically it adjusts the vertical size automatically.
Let me check and I will write back.
372131.png fred
2012-09-11 16:48:36⁼
Anyone at home?
371465.png fred
2012-09-03 18:42:48⁼
Any progress?
369312.png fred
2012-08-08 18:37:10⁼
It seems the vertical size of the window is not remembered properly. If you close a window with more pics than can be seen it comes back with a shorter vertical size. Hope you follow.
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