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How to download from Flickr 'Map' section.
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363871.png fred
2012-06-07 08:14:04⁼
You may be right as been twoing and frowing between programs. Makes my point about the poorly annotated interface which needs a bit of experimenting to understand its functionality
and workflow. Not mastered it!!! (Confusing interface post). Much prefer the Flickr Downloader interface.

Would it be better to default to not automatically resuming on program start up?
1.png saleen support
2012-06-07 06:51:58⁼
If you had  D:\Data\Photos\Flickr.com  as the download location, you queued the images,
 then changed the download location to   D:\Data\Photos\ then it will still save in the first path.
Even if you restart the program the program will resume the pending images based on the initial path.

If you did not manually typed the "\Flickr.com" path, then I have a suspicion that you used WebDownloader maybe which has the option to arrange by domain.

The auto-resume also reminds me of WebDownloader, since FlickrDownloader will always offer to "resume" or "discard" images upon starting the program.
363771.png fred
2012-06-06 13:47:27⁼
Have tried to get existing program to download and managed to get some results
but as I was playing with it cannot replicate it again.

However when the download location was say D:\Data\Photos\Scotland it somehow ended up saving in D:\Data\Photos\Flickr.com\Scotland... how that happened is a mystery!!

When I start up the program it now appears to go into auto download mode without my intervention and with no control of the images downloaded.

Perhaps you could work your magic to deliver full functionality to the Maps section.

Thanks again.
1.png saleen support
2012-06-06 06:08:28⁼
Hi Fred,
I will have a look at /map pages and let you know in a few days.

-100.png fred
2012-06-05 15:14:26⁼
I have up to now only downloaded photos from a friends Flickr photostream in the 'sets' category
and you simply select the photos and download.

My friend has acquired a GPS enabled camera and the photo's are now shown in the 'map'
heading which shows the photos as a string of thumbnails with a location map above....
if you click on the 'pinned' location you can view the relavent photo's. Great so far....

However if I point Flickr Downloader to this location....http://flickr.com/photos/fredandjim/map
(Not a real location for privacy reasons) I see the string of photos I want to download but cannot
see an obvious way to select the photo's I want to download as in downloading from the 'sets'
tab. Selecting the first most recent photo does not work either.

Am I missing something as my friend wants to keep the photo/map link and not use sets as a way of organising photo's. Can you advise the correct workflow to achieve above assuming
this is possible.??

Thanking you again for a lovely program.

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