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Getting Started Guide Needed: Don't Like Software or I don't know what I am doing
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363042.png fred
2012-05-29 18:15:38⁼
I mainly use Flickr Downloader but I also would like to use Web Downloader but have not grasped the fundamentals of using the program interface as it is not as intuative as Flickr Downloader. Even this could be improved by having a drop down box on the start page to select previously used file save locations.

I also would like a simple on-line 'get started guide' for Web Downloader. I'm sure you would
get a lot more users of your products if you gave this request some thought. It need not be
more than a brief description of how the programs work. All your products appear to do a great job if you can get past the initial learning curve (I use trial and error....often without results).

I find the work flow confusing and have given up on Web Downloader. As it is trying to do much the same as Flickr Downloader but from a wider range of source media this should not be a difficulty to overcome. Hence please consider adding a simple get started file on line (a good idea for all your very useful products).

Picasa is a good model to consider for a very user friendly interface which is almost foolproof without the need for
looking at the manual and is brilliant at organising photos in a very convenient and easily set up manner.
Even paid for products from the main players in photo software are nowhere near as good for everyday use looking after, organising and applying simple fixes to family photo's.

Hope this is not posted in wrong place but the issue is the same as posted on Video Manager forum.

As an example of confusion in your previous post you use term "just regenerate frames" ...in my simple world
I have not the slightest understanding of what that means so again unlikely to use Video Manager if thats as good as the info available is.
1.png saleen support
2012-05-29 11:34:54⁼
Hi. Thanks for posting your feedback.

I will need to install Picasa to see how it manages videos.
It has been a while since I last used it.

1. To avoid the read errors I strongly recommend installing the VLC Player,
and setting the program to use VLC mode, rather than DirectShow.
From my experience DirectShow is much more accurate in capturing exact frames, 
but may needs a lot of configuration to open videos.

2. Once you switch to the VLC mode, just regenerate frames
(Tools > Regenerate or similar -- I do not have the program from where I am now)

3. Yes you will need to define additional extensions e.g. mov but once rescan finds them
removing .mov from the list of extensions will have no effect (i.e. the .mov videos will not be removed)

Again thanks for posting your first experience.
I will keep your point in mind.

Let me know if you have any more comments.
-100.png Ro
2012-05-29 10:13:22⁼
I am looking for a video manager that does for videos what Picasa does for pictures. I just discovered today that Picasa does support videos, but one popular format that they do not support is flv--maybe to discourage people from downloading YouTube videos I assume or maybe because it would take too much effort to support that format without using any additional software. (There is a workaround of changing the extension to .avi, but I don't want to rename my files nor to copy them and then rename them.)

I found another software that's supposed to be great, but I didn't bother try it since the website no longer exists and the software is no longer supported.

When I first started this program, I had no idea what to do. I then figured out I had to add files to the library so I told it to scan one of my drives and then told it to rescan. It showed quick clips of each video playing but also the second half of the processing window were several error messages, something about read error.

After that I closed the window and there were no videos being shown in my library. Rescanning did nothing. I closed and opened the program again. It asked me again to choose what kind of a user I am.

I see that there are now videos in the Library.

However, I can't get thumbnails of each and every single video (initially, nor when highlighting each video file), which is what I want (like how Picasa does). I want to discover all the videos on all my drives and organize them (Clean up the mess I made by downloading things all over the place.)

Also, does one have to tell the program of every single video extension that exists so that it can find them? I saw that a good bit were included in the include option, but that .mov was not there.  I added it the first time, but then it found more than one .mov file with the same name and asked me if I wanted to treat these files as unique to which I said Yes. For the second re-scanning I removed the .mov extension from the include field, but yet it found .mov (unless that's due to the first scan).

As you can see, things are a bit confusing. I noticed that the Topics / How to's and Basic Functions links on the product page are not setup yet. Hopefully theywill be soon.
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