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improving snapshot facilities for allowing making backups of a selected time period
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348029.png P.T.
2011-12-04 02:47:15⁼
thank  you for considering and responding.
Since  automatically copying changed / added files and folders may be more complicated (I´m only an enduser, no programming-knowledge),

I think their already could be tother kinds of helpful improvements:
1. the ability to show the results of a snapshot-comparison as a tree with subfolders  
   not only the whole long pathes listed as text)
2. the ability to connect to explorer / explorer  right-click menu and make use of its
   commands (like copy, move, delete,...) for selected files and folders
   (e.g. from the snapshot comparison-result)
    so one could at least manually copy / backup important files and folders easier
3.  the ability to select files and folders for scanning and in the comparison-result via

withk kind regards
1.png saleen support
2011-12-03 03:27:01⁼
Dear P.T. ,
Thanks for posting this from our email conversation into the forums.
Thanks also for the kind words.
It is an interesting idea.

I have very limited time implementing new features,
so I cannot promise anything, but I am constantly evaluating new features.

348029.png P.T.
2011-11-29 02:55:05⁼
yesterday I "discovered" your very interesting software filepro when I was googling for a file-folder snapshot software
1.what could be very useful would be an improvement of the snapshot-comparing feature n order to make e.g. a backup of recently added / changed folders and files:

a) the ability to directly show (n a folder tree) the changes - and!!! the possibility to copy the added / changed files and folders to another freely selectable folder (via context-menu, not having to open every folder newly in explorer)
( a little like the software from DataMystic FileWather, which allows e.g. to automatically copy all new or changed files and folders)

b)the possibility to exclude certain folders or files from monitoring (e.g. system folders)  - or alternatively to filter them later.

Although I use acronis true image and own a sync utility, I´d think, that the ability to find and save added and changed files and folders within a selectable period of time could be useful for many users.

Could oyu imagine to implement such a feature?
Thank you for considering
Keep on dimproving this interesting software . abd´perhaps make it know to more people via pc-online - magzines-(e.g. under "new free and shareware")
with kind reagrds
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