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bug regarding report of renamed or moved folders?
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1.png saleen support
2011-12-03 03:24:39⁼
Thanks for taking the time to post this in the forums.

1. I just confirmed that this is a bug.

2. This is a copy paste from my email response, just for the record

The "monitor changes" feature monitors new files, deleted files, renamed files from your disks and applied them automatically in the tree map so that you have a "live" tree map.
So these changes are not logged and they do not appear in any lists.

348029.png P.T.
2011-11-29 02:44:12⁼
yesterday I "discovered" your very interesting software filepro when I was googling for a file-folder snapshot software.(and I´m wondering why filepro it seems to be so seldom mentioned on pc-magazine-online and shareware sites). Testing your home-version, the following questions  / possible bugs?? occured:

1. may there be a bug regardng the renaming or moving of a folder ?
when I created a test folder and renamed it, and then compared the 2 snapshots, I found the folders under "new folder" and "deleted folder", but not under "renamed/moved", the same thing happened when mpving a folder.

2.where could I find the changes / results of the constantly monitored (beta) feature?

keep on developing this interesting software
with kind reagrds
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