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373373.png sajman99
2012-10-22 01:25:32⁼
Hi saleen support,

It's great news that ScanFS now retains the Results filter. Very nice for users to have a choice under Advanced Options.

The option to "Hide folders on program start" would also still be convenient, but "as is" ScanFS is a program I can recommend without hesitation. 

1.png saleen support
2012-08-06 20:13:21⁼
This option is now in build 179.
It is disabled by default, so please enable it on first run to keep your filter.

Command line support is coming in another build.
353284.png ScanFan
2012-02-14 14:30:50⁼
I haven't been using the results filter before, so what I wrote was only thoughts and observations, of potential problems, made while trying out the experimental build.

Take all the time you need. I support whatever decision you make. :-)

Good night and sweet dreams,
1.png saleen support
2012-02-13 16:21:07⁼
OK, I will have to think about it and I will post here probably withing a week or so.

Thanks a lot for your detailed posts.
353119.png ScanFan
2012-02-12 15:04:35⁼
Thanks for requesting this sajman99 and thanks for implementing it Saleen. :-D

I think there are some things you need to consider before making it an official version. I'd like to add a suggestion that the "Results filter" is also saved when saving search parameters. Otherwise ScanFS will use the filter from last search and not from when the parameters were saved. On the other hand, that might have been what you intended ? But the way it is now, you will have to delete a previously used filter after doubleclicking a ".scanfs" file.
If not already possible there might be the need to specify a filter on the commandline too, especially when using "output" to a file, or an undesired filter might be used ?
Just my $2. ;-)

Here's an example of a situation where results filter among the saved parameters would be handy for me. Now that I've started using Delphi XE2, I have a catalog structure that looks like this:


So I was thinking of using the saved results filter to find all recently compiled Win32 applications for easy distribution, and avoid Win64 when not applicable. An example parameter-file would contain:


Or maybe you know a way to do it using regular expressions instead ? I have to admit I'm not too familiar with them.

That's all... for now :-)
352276.png sajman99
2012-02-02 13:34:31⁼
Hi saleen support,

Good question. I can't really remember why I stopped using the "filename box" to input exlcusions. At some point (years ago) I must have decided the "Results filter" was more convenient for me.

I will experiment and see which method feels more intuitive. Hard to break old habits though. Very nice that ScanFS is flexible enough to allow individual user preference.

Thanks again.
1.png saleen support
2012-02-01 02:26:14⁼
Hi sajman99,

Thanks for the feedback and the ideas.

I am just curious; why don't you use the "filename box" to enter your filters?
Since you usually use the same filters, I think this will work quite well.
The "filename box" supports multiple filters separated by semicolon,
and it also supports exclusions

Once you type the filters you can use "File / Save search parameters" on your desktop or elsewhere,
on a .scanfs file. You can also double click on these .scanfs files to start ScanFS and keep your filters.

Please keep adding any additional features or options you may need.

352276.png sajman99
2012-01-31 20:24:50⁼
Greetings saleen support,

This build 177 pre-release looks good. Folders remain hidden and the last used filters are retained in the "Results filter" box.

Since I usually search with the same filters, this current retained filters method is all I really needed.

[additional feedback]: Going forward saved/retrievable filter profiles might be something to consider. Presently, when the user clears the filters, then he has to re-type them as needed because they are not retrievable.

"Hide folders on program start" could also be a nice option. Just more 2 cent ideas.

Thanks very much. Your time and efforts are appreciated.
1.png saleen support
2012-01-31 16:18:52⁼
Dear sajman99,
Please download the "unreleased" build 177 from here.


The "results filter" is now saved.
I did not add any new options for that, for now.

I have also fixed the "hide folders" issue.

I would appreciate any feedback.

1.png saleen support
2012-01-31 16:18:25⁼
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