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New sub directory issue
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681896.png fred
2016-06-11 04:07:05⁼
Perhaps needs an annotation above the subfolder box to indicate the feature is available
as not obvious.
681895.png fred
2016-06-11 04:02:13⁼
Sorry my problem...used a forward slash instead of a backward slash to seperate
directory entry and this gave the problem ... it is OK as you reported.
Thanks for quick reply.
New build is really rather good.

Regard Fred.
1.png saleen support
2016-06-11 03:17:12⁼
Strange mine works OK

I tried 
and got \temp\temp2\ only

Maybe the other folders are from the previous build?

681851.png fred
2016-06-11 00:48:20⁼
Like the new feature in 508 build but it creates an additional directory at the same level
as the one just higher up and also inserts a '_' between the new 'sub' directory name.

i.e.     Temp
          Temp_temp1       (still shows at same level as 'Temp' sub directory

not as I would like it:

                      temp1      ( i.e a true sub directory off Temp directory)

In simple terms as is is not creating a true new sub directory, only one at the same level
as previous one or I am missing something?

Thanks for the work so far.
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