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Photostream bug
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611820.png Tim
2015-11-09 17:48:44⁼
It was flickr. I had the same trouble but I was using 484. The flickr website in 3 different browsers on 2 different OS showed the something even on my own Flickr page and I know I had public photos.
1.png saleen support
2015-11-08 13:47:57⁼
Must be something flickr changed? Will write back if i need more info.
614132.png Fred
2015-11-08 11:09:23⁼
Now when I fire up a users 'Photostream' I get message "User has not made images public yet"
and images are greyed out when they are public. Only occured with latest build .. I didn't
install 485.

Noticed that a zoom setting on a single page doesn't hold the setting even in the same session so if you set
a zoom size, move off the page and then move back the previous zoom setting is lost.
It is a pain if it doesn't hold and cannot be set as a global non default size that can't be remembered
within the session and also on program restart.

The stacked up and down arrow buttons against the Go box are still a bit too small to action with a mouse.

If you insert a 'sub' sub folder in the 'Sub folder' box (such as Temp\Temp one)
you end up with a folder saved as Temp_Temp one which is not as intended and as requested earlier
would be a nice feature to add another level of sub folders.
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