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539090.png Tony
2015-02-02 10:14:53⁼
Hi Saleen,
Many thanks for this. I will look out on the forums as you suggest, and would be very happy to help if I can
1.png saleen support
2015-02-02 09:59:22⁼

Hi and thanks for the kind words.

Yes, we can add this send level of sorting in a next build.

Btw I am interested in ALPHA testers for the new version of VideoManager.

Please keep an eye in these forums in the next few weeks.

539090.png Tony
2015-02-02 09:15:09⁼
NB. I realise that this can be done by using the collection filter, but I was hoping it would be possible to see ascending file names within ascending paths and/or collections for the whole file list (ie. when the [all] filter is used in the collection pull down list)
Thanks again!
539089.png Tony
2015-02-02 09:05:50⁼
Hi Saleen,
I've just started using video manager and I think it is an excellent piece of software and thank you for all of your efforts with this.
Please could I ask you if, in the main screen it is possible to sort the display to give ascending filenames within either a collection or a path name.
Many thanks,
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