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Can't obtain lenght of clips, also feature request
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520047.png Nick
2014-11-19 10:39:52⁼
When I build a library, the lenght of clips, any type, is at 00:00:00, how to obtain these infos? At beginning it worked for the 1st clip, then I've that result for every clip

Also I've a feature request
I'm building a text file of clips I watched or that I own, I use filelister by truehuman design, but I have to add manually the length of every clip and it takes a lot of time (so adding resolutions too is out of question and I had to renounce)

here an example of what I do

Filename1.mp4 01:02:23 987.25 MB
Filename2.avi 05:31 54.67 MB
Filename3.flv 24:52 232.43 MB

I was searching for a software that could do this for me 100% automatically, and yours seems the best candidate ( I tried literally 20 softwares today)

other than the aforementioned lack of infos on lenght, here is my feature request as well: if you can make the columns of the Library tab customizable, so I can rearrange columns and delete the ones that I'm not interested in, like the "path of files", "date modified" and so on
because when I copy paste the infos from the exported html on my text list, I get this aditional data that I don't need and the pasting result isn't tidy like in the example ( actually very messed up, so much that is more convenient to keep adding manually the lenght of clips rather than deleting path of files, ratings...)

could you do it please?
thank you very much
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