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where is the title come from?
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1.png saleen support
2014-06-30 03:39:41⁼
Hi and sorry for not replying on time.

#1 -- I may add the title in the list. Let me think about it.

#2 -- Rename confirmation: If you click OK it is a confirmation correct? Cancel obviously means do not rename. Not sure at which point a (another?) confirmation is needed.

#3 -- button to rename files based on title could be helpful. Still let me think about it.

#4 -- please provide some ideas. 
We now have 
  a) locate in Windows Explorer 
  b) Rename file 

What else could be helpful? Move selected files to a different folder? Drag and drop?

Looking forward to your feedback.

483019.png Nicholas
2014-06-12 22:18:22⁼
oke. thanks I got it.. is the cheksum that may be the key.

are you adding feature like,

title coloumn in the list,

option in setting to set confirmation after rename,

one button in detail to rename file accoridng to title

video manager should be more  like a file manager only thing is that it main concern is video.

and your is the best out there, just sadly it's not file manager enough.


1.png saleen support
2014-06-12 15:52:19⁼

That is one of the beauties of VideoManager.

When you scan your library it puts as title the filename of the video.

This was not retrieved from the video file meta data or anything like that. It is just the original filename.

After your recovery I assume the files lost their full name and have strange or short names.

Now because they still keep their file size and file date, video manager assumes they match the ones it previously recognized.

The titles are stored in the videomanager.mdb file.

You can export the database using File/Export.

482294.png Nicholas
2014-06-11 23:05:43⁼
hi saleen,

my files are in number because of using recovery software after a hdd crash,

some how your video manager is able to see the original titile of the file thru the file detial. in title field of the detial view where you can set title and rating etc.

these title i cannot find it anywhere using other tools except video manager. even in windows file properties.

I'm tring to rename all my files from numbers to the title that can found in the detials view but doing it to hunders of file can be painful job.

if you may add a button to rename file <> title that would be great.

if i may asked where did you get the title when i cannot find it in any tag tools or even windows properties


ps: if it help my file are in avi and the video codec is xvid or divx and for the sound is mp3
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