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Save tags of each image
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342923.png Marc
2011-09-14 05:00:21⁼
I also like the program but mis the tags. I think it should be possible to extract them and save them in the exif.
1.png saleen support
2010-08-02 18:42:52⁼
Hi sgw,
I will investigate and let you know if it can easily be done.
Please check back in a few days.
323152.png sgw
2010-08-02 13:23:42⁼
I like the software, its easy to use and fast. But I also miss the inclusion of tags (keywords, gps-location info etc).
Are there any plans to include this in the near future?

Thanks a lot
1.png saleen support
2009-05-26 16:58:57⁼
If you mean picture tags set from the flickr website, then no. The program allows users to add their own tags which are appended to the filename. I will add your suggestion as a feature request. Thanks
0.png hmcen
2009-05-25 02:02:24⁼
Hi, can this app save tags of each image when downloading? I found in other apps that they can save those tags in the headers of the downloaded jpeg files. I would really appreciated if you can add this features to the app. Thanks!
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