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  708690.png fred  06/Sep/16 08:20:59

Tend to agree although no doubt will be fixed soon.

Latest build is frustrating and maybe has more than one problem but can't put finger on it.

  708125.png Josue  04/Sep/16 12:48:16
Yes  I have the same problem with last update,   I started to have  problem with prior updates, pop window downloader took a long time to display  thumbnails, and sometimes  pop window never showed up,  I run my  computers with windows 10, 8, 7 and  even one windows XP, and the same thing.    I miss old versions, they  worked  like a charm and I could download the whole set of pics with a couple of clicks..              why updates in all kind of programs are always for bad..
  img-045.png saleen support  22/May/16 09:48:44
Thanks for letting me know.
Will check

  675676.png John  21/May/16 13:54:18
Hello, I downloaded the latest version, but you can not download My Favorite or My Albums from Flickr.
There is a message of "Working" and then "Please navigate to a picture set or to a single picture page".
However, it works perfectly with example from this link
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