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Small suggestions

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  img-045.png saleen support  28/Mar/14 08:12:04
Hi Anderes,
This will be added in a next build.
Thanks for the suggestion.
  465024.png Anderes  24/Mar/14 01:13:03
I've been trying to determine if sort-by-extension/type was possible...
...I'd truly love that option!

This afternoon, I was looking for a photo, but couldn't remember if I'd saved it as .bmp, .jpg, .png, or .raw.  I had 4,500 hits on a 3-character string search, then tried to sort by extension -  but, the option wasn't there.  

Please!  Consider adding this to your wonderful search utility!

  461730.png BigDoe  05/Mar/14 10:27:15
Awesome, great to hear that.
  img-045.png saleen support  05/Mar/14 10:13:01
Oh OK. I now understand the issue, especially with DVDs.
I will definitely address this also.

  461726.png BigDoe  05/Mar/14 10:08:33

Yes, especially on my DVD drive, I guess because it's a little older-slower. Actually, I don't mind the delay, it's the sound which comes from that DVD drive, like it's struggling to show the icons.

Well, I know I have to change my hardware, but it's still works so ...

Anyway, no big deal, I understand. Thank you for considering "Extension column" suggestion. Cheers.

  img-045.png saleen support  05/Mar/14 07:56:29
Hi BigDoe,

I am not sure why your message disappeared.
The extension column is a nice idea.
About the second point the icons are background loaded so you are not supposed to notice any delay. Did you actually notice a delay? Thanks
  461522.png BigDoe  04/Mar/14 22:03:22
It seems my message disappeared, so again my suggestions are:

- New column "Ext" so we can sort files by extension
- Option to use standard (generic) icon for exe files, which will allow faster listing of exe files

Thank you.
  461377.png BigDoe  04/Mar/14 12:52:56
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