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V2 650 ? (latest build on 6th Dec. 2018)
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1.png saleen support
2018-12-06 16:07:07⁼

Thanks Raj,

I never had any issues with the Roaming folder,

however I will investigate further.

998934.png Raj
2018-12-06 13:35:05⁼

Sorry to have bothered you guys but it now works.

When installing - install into LOCAL instead of default ROAMING.

Windows 10 64bit running on my pc.

(I wish someone will explain this!)

This probably a security setting issue on windows about preventing execution

of a file in the roaming folder ?

1.png saleen support
2018-12-06 11:52:22⁼

Hi Raj,

This is not related to the new build.

There seems to be a running process in the background.

Please terminate all processes named WpfApplicationBrowserCx

using TaskManager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc)

I will add more checks in future builds.

998934.png Raj
2018-12-06 09:05:00⁼

I get this message on startup and then it hangs, I'd like to go back to the old one but can't find it!

Access to the path 'WpfApplicationBrowserCx.exe' is denied.
Access to the path 'WpfApplicationBrowserCx.exe' is denied.
   at System.IO.Directory.DeleteHelper(String fullPath, String userPath, Boolean recursive, Boolean throwOnTopLevelDirectoryNotFound)
   at System.IO.Directory.Delete(String fullPath, String userPath, Boolean recursive, Boolean checkHost)
   at 訿불漩ᒭ䨦�隅.⚴얼葸ꤖำ앍鲍뢲(String ) in C:\DevProjects\SaleenComponents\SaleenCommon\MyFuncs.FileFunctions.cs:line 1299
   at 팹✂ᬼ쩖匪᤽2玘.緮㝀跈䚕熴瘨化䜆() in C:\DevProjects\WebDownloaderWpfCEF\MyApp.cs:line 2254
   at 踼罐暅㊸즬뷤༛.곬엿樋Ќ햭犙ꗈ漒.潡᠘厀渟԰ዃ앏ꂊ() in C:\DevProjects\WebDownloaderWpfCEF\MainWindow.xaml.cs:line 632
   at 樇흭戀婩퀟싓例㛂.ᩓ䋅캾၌꠻™᪒㬶.埥훊ꋇ֪̱௥升() in C:\DevProjects\SaleenComponents\WpfComponents\MyWpf_Tasks.cs:line 20
   at System.Threading.Tasks.Task.Execute()

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