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628287.png fred
2015-12-23 19:30:26⁼

You were going to write back later?

Hopefully in the new year

See also latest post with Webdownloader broken again
in case you missed it. (Using other than IE as a browser thresd).

Global zoom (Download Multiple Media window images)
still under consideration?

Sub directories update?

Merry Xmas and many thanks for 2015 efforts.

622799.png fred
2015-12-08 07:09:00⁼
If you move the 'Open/Close media grid' (Select) box to the left and add title above as per the
'Search for Images/Videos' annotated box you could put the recently added Resume/Pause Queue
boxes along side on the same level (in line) with a 'title' added above as previously mentioned which
would make the top interface clearer to understand, more consistantly presented and with a less randomly
placed feel about the functions.

Visually the 2  'blue' boxes either side of the 'Select' box look like unnecessary decoration
and if mean't to do/show something do not to my aging eyes.
Maybe replace the word 'Select' with 'Select/Deselect' to imply it is double clickable
and the 2 blue boxes then become unnecessary.

End result is perhaps minor but a more visually appealing improvement on the lines of the
much improved 'Download Multiple Media items' interface window.

Just a suggestion.

Sorry to be a bit 'rambling on' with the last few posts but you get the points eventually!!!
622797.png fred
2015-12-08 06:43:35⁼
The 'Download Multiple Media' Window layout is now very good and logical
only to be improved by a 'Zoom applies all pages' box next to the +/- Zoom buttons
(which remembers settings on changing pages and on close of program)
would make it PERFECT!!! (LOL).

Merry Xmas.

622786.png fred
2015-12-08 06:01:34⁼
Or even 'Resume/Pause Queue' !!! LOL
622781.png fred
2015-12-08 05:39:24⁼

Maybe a 'Pause/Resume Queue' 'title' above the latest added box would help
with clarity as per other parts of the interface...just leaving it blank seems unfinished.
 ( I realise if you hover over the graphics you get these in a pop up)
1.png saleen support
2015-12-08 01:51:15⁼
Sorry for the the debug panels.
Just fixed in 491.
Keep the constructive feedback coming Fred.

Need to write back later
622570.png fred
2015-12-07 15:51:08⁼
Noticed a new 'Panel' box and among other items listed  a 'WebNoPictures' tab
which when selected comes up with 'Navigate to a picture set or a single picture page'
Maybe  I am loosing the plot but whatever this is supposed to do is beyond me
 (and funny logic that under 'NoPictures you are asked to select 'Pictures).
The other bits on 'Panel' suffer the same type of problem.

A light hearted joke ....but is the interface turning into a Xmas puzzle?

My opinion, but the top section of the opening interface needs improving as well as the
'Panel' bit as from my perspective a new user will become increasingly baffled on how to tackle
what should be blindingly obvious. You might frighten off potential new users especially as the 'How to' help section on the website is 'blank' for this program.

The workflow to get the best out of the program is getting less transparent with each
build/tweak added. Maybe you don't accept this or see it that way but other on-line reviews
of Webdownloader make similar comments.

Mean't to be constructive.

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